Crime of the Powerful State Crime: case study

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Around the world millions of our fellow human beings face serious human rights abuses including physical, sexual abuses, and force labour, each of which “constitute torture under international law” (UN, 1987). The perpetrators of such criminal behaviours are not limited to traditional culprits such as individual criminals, authoritarian and undemocratic regimes, but also by the so called ‘liberal democracy’ nations. In this case study essay I will examine at the topic of state crime as it relates to the United States and its criminal behaviour in Iraq. The essay aims to in the first instance presents a brief history of state organized crimes, It then goes to defines state crime and looks at international law as it relates to state crime including war crimes. The essay focuses four types of war crime identified by Kramer and Michalowski these are; ‘the failure to protect civilians, indiscriminate killing of Iraqi resistance, resulting…

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